Keith has repaired and restored our computers and provided first-rate virus and malware protection for many years. The whole family relies on him. He is a tech-savvy IT expert, but he doesn't give you the "high-speed hustle." Although he's very busy, he never rushes you out. He solves any computer problem in an honest, efficient way. Keith is a breath of fresh air for those in need of IT help.

Torrey Adams

Tiverton  RI.

We have been going to CCDS for many years with the most recent being last week. Keith is very knowledgeable and provided an excellent experience. We highly recommend CCDS to friends and family.

Keo Maldonado

Fall River  MA.

My computer was sick,I needed to find a "comp doc"..I found in my opinion, I found the best ever 'doc"..At times my computer came back to me worse than it went in..and then there was 'doc',the best of the best..
My comp is happy and so am I,you will be too

Anna Johnson

Fall River  MA.

He did very well for service.

I was referred by a couple of friends to go to him for computer service. He gave free training for the software protection. I am not really good at computers, so the training helped.I recommend this place.

George Cardoza

Fall River  MA.

I was having a complicated issue with this special device that is required to run my business with my computer. I spent thousands of dollars between the company that designed the hardware and the company that leases the software. They could not even help me fix the issue and acted like they didnt care. They exhausted and spent not one word of a lie 80-90 hours of my life how do I get paid for that. It took the Sherlock Holmes like skills of Keith to fix the issue that took him a day to fix. LONG STORY SHORT DONT WASTE TIME LIKE I DID THINKING THESE COMPANIES THAT SUCK YOUR MONEY WILL HELP YOU! I NOW JUST GO STRAIGHT TO USAVE COMPUTERS

Brian - Aims Auto

Fall River  MA.

He helped me set up my system for the tv and media. Alot of good stuff on there that I dont have to pay for. I recommend it. Gary Nunes

Gary Nunes

Fall River  MA.

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