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Coupon for your Home (residential)

SAVE $50  on Economy Service or more..

Optimize Your Home Office Computer & Business

Optimize your Home Business PC

Take back control of your workflow in your business. Optimize your PC to have what you need in software's to do your daily work. Software includes free programs that allow you to combine pdfs, make bar codes, qr codes, sell on Amazon and much more. This custom system installation is optimized to reduce bloatware nonsense that is in PCs today. Don't sacrifice your performance and go back to the basics where you are in control of your own machine. This includes free local backup solutions and filters for ads on your internet browser.

Business Apps & Software

This custom installation includes a wide range of free software's that allow you to maximize your workflow in your business. Software's will allow you to create, edit, create qr codes, bar codes for amazon selling and much more. Free pdf book editors along with free office apps are included. System is optimized to get rid of nonsense bloatware such as news feeds and other useless apps that the new generation of programmers pushed on the market. Take back control of your PC and Renew it it like it use to be.

Save Money & Restore Your Home PC To New

This Standard 2011 PC System is over 10 years old & still over performs!

All PC work will come with full year warranty options, along with many free services to help your family.   Pay For One Price No Hourly Rates .

Services for Residential Home

All PC work will come with full year warranty options, along with many free services to help your family. Pay For One Price No Hourly Rates .

Computer Repair

We service most brand computers no matter how old. Most systems can be optimized to work for more years to come. Don't waste money on a new machine.

Remote Support & Other Services

Call and tell us about your problem. Get free advice and solutions before spending your income. Let us help you save your costs with solutions.

Setup Your PC To Have Apps To Support Your Education & More...

All systems & PC work include free software to help with your work or child's educational needs.

All live stream software's & other Apps Preinstalled safely without the worry of 3rd party scams from google results.

Graphic & Photo Applications Included With PC Service

Work with your Photos & Graphics with ease.  Adaptable to Adobe Software.

Fix your photos with free applications without the need of being on internet.

Computer Optimized For Audio & Video Production

This Service will include Audio & Video Production Software.

Your PC Will Be Optimized To Run Smoother To Handle Your Media Workload.

Enhance Your Gaming PC

Increase Your Gaming Experience

Increase your speeds of your Gaming PC.  Rid yourself of the bloatware and unnecessary ad-ons installed on new systems slowing you down. 

Full Android & Linux Included

Play your favorite android game on your PC.  Full Linux installed on same PC.  Now support better video, audio and game play without the bloatware that slows your performance.    Enhance Your Experience!

Your Home PC  Everything Installed At One Affordable Price!!

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867 Plymouth Ave  Fall River  MA.

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